Istrian cheeses Špin are natural products of Istrian cows and sheep shaped by human hands.

Agrolaguna owns around 2,000 sheep, of which 75% are the Istrian Pramenka Dairy Sheep, crossbred with the Sardinian Sheep (Pecora Sarda) and then with the East Friesian Sheep in order to increase milk production and the quality of meat. Pramenka prevails due to its resilience and its being accustomed to life in large flocks. We plan to reach the number of 2,500 sheep.

The sheep on our farm have a dream-come-true working environment. During the milking season their pastures extend over the area of 250 hectares on the south slopes of the Mirna Valley. The lactation season, when the sheep produce their valuable milk, lasts from mid-December to the end of August. After that, sheep eat less. In summer, they stay in the open air at night and in the stalls during the day and vice-versa in winter.

Feeding our sheep is a result of the Istrian soil in its most natural form. Pasture consists of clover and wild plants and the hay is kept as spare food in the days of drought. Luckily, there are many pastures in the woods, which are fresh all year round, to save the sheep from drought. Apart from that, they are fed oats, barley and some other cereals cultivated on their habitat fields. This is a closed feeding circle which ensures sustainable production.

We buy cow’s milk from our local partners from the upper and lower Buje area, all the way to Pula – Grožnjan, Savudrija, Nova Vas, Kukov Vrh, Kostanjevica, the Mirna Valley, Valtura. All our darling cows are fed naturally. The quality of milk and its production conditions are controlled on a regular basis. We don’t want to leave anything to chance.

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