Diligent little sheep and cows pasture the diverse Istrian vegetation and grass on endless pastures which is the reason Istrian cheeses Špin are made from top quality autochthonous ingredient. We take the freshly milked and cooled milk directly from our farm and our partners’ farms and deliver it to our dairy production site. Twenty-five thousand liters of cow’s milk and five thousand liters of sheep’s milk daily flow through the milking machines and over our hands.

The curdling begins after the pasteurization process is completed. The first step in making cheese, which turns into curd in a cauldron, is separating whey from cheese, followed by cutting and warming the curd. It is then put in the molds and, in no more than an hour, the squeeky cheese is obtained and precious whey is turned into skuta – delicious Istrian dry curd cottage cheese.

The curd is pressed in order to make our future product. Then, the young cheese is salted in brine during the next 24 hours, after which is it left to age. And then- the finishing touch. At this point, cheese is left in a drying chamber for five days, a whole month in the ante-aging room and another month in the aging room where all the moisture evaporates. Cheese maturation is done traditionally, on wooden boards – the natural surface that shares its best features with the cheese.

In the last phase, the trimmings. The aging is followed by rind brushing and coating the cheese with extra-virgin olive oil Ol Istria, just before the packing. Olive oil endows the cheese with a characteristic rind colour, keeps its specific aroma and protects it from drying out during storage time.