Istrian Cow’s Milk Cheese Špin made from whole milk belongs to the group of hard cheeses bordering semi-hard cheeses. After a 60-day maturation period, it most definitely is not a young cheese, though its very first bite explodes with freshness and simply thrills with its delicate taste reminiscent of the milk used in its making.

On the palate, you will feel a hint of subtle sweetness, tender tanginess and the freshly cut grass scent. Its firm and springy texture melts in the mouth and becomes creamy when mildly heat-treated. Its rind is smooth and compact, with miniature holes evenly distributed throughout the straw-yellow interior, a product of metabolism of microorganisms introduced to the cheese aging process.


  • Hard cheese that easily melts in your mouth and becomes creamy
  • Freshly cut grass scent

Best enjoyed

  • As a meal on its own
  • As an accompaniment to piquant jam and honey
  • Paired with fresh and lively Vina Laguna Malvasia

Enjoyed as a meal on its own, it is best served with piquant jam and honey. Ideally paired with wines Vina Laguna Malvasia and light dry Muscat, though there will be more than a few of those pleasantly surprised at its pairing with good dark mild beer.