Istrian Cheese in Teran Pomace is a hard full-fat cheese that aged in barrique casks full of red wine made from the indigenous grape variety teran after a 60-day maturation period. Following its optimal ageing, the cheese is taken out of wine. It can be served immediately.

Wine gives the rind its purple-brown colouring, though the paste remains light yellow to yellow. Its firm texture allows for easy cutting. The fragrance of cheese in teran is more pronounced and characteristic of aged cow’s milk cheeses. It boasts a distinctive wine aroma and full taste typical of cow’s milk with a hint of acidity given by the wine on the cheese rind. Appreciated by lovers of intense favours.


  • Hard full-fat cheese aged in barrique casks filled with red wine made from the indigenous grape variety teran
  • Purple-brown rind, yellow paste

Best enjoyed

  • As a delicacy on its own, with an aperitif or with a glass of Vina Laguna Merlot

Enjoyed on its own, as a welcome cheese with an aperitif or later on, for time spent socialising over a glass of wine. Istrian cheese in teran is not a heat-treated cheese. The only company it seeks is olive oil and fine wine.