Istrian Cheese in Walnut Leaves is a hard full-fat cheese made from mixed cow’s and sheep’s milk and produced using the traditional pressing method. It reaches its technologic maturity after 60 days, when it is wrapped in walnut leaves.

Cheese rind is straw-yellow with recognisable patches left by walnut leaf maceration. Paste consistency is hard thus allowing for easy cutting, whereas the paste colour is dark yellow depending on maturation stage. Its scent is distinctive, with a pronounced walnut note with a characteristic aroma of cheese made from mixed milk. It is a sweetish cheese, endowed with enjoyable walnut leaf bitterness.


  • Hard full-fat cheese made from cow’s and sheep’s milk aged in walnut leaves
  • Sweetish taste, with a bitter walnut leaf note

Best enjoyed

  • As a delicacy on its own, with an aperitif or a glass of Vina Laguna Merlot

This cheese is enjoyed as a delicacy on its own, with an aperitif or socialising over a glass of wine.