Once known as the poor man’s cheese, this particularly healthy and light delicacy is produced seasonally in substantially lower quantities than cheese.

Precious whey is used in making skuta, this delicious curd cheese – soft, creamy white cheese so delicate that it can be spread on bread and easily combined in numerous ways due to its mild taste. A perfect companion to various salty and sweet dishes, from appetisers to desserts, as it keeps its creamy texture when heat-treated.

Its texture is crisp and supple as it is low in fat. Its full-fat cow’s milk or cream aroma is very pleasant.


  • Soft, creamy white cheese
  • Crisp texture, supple as it is low in fat
  • Best paired with Vina Laguna Merlot

Best enjoyed

  • As a meal on its own or served on bread
  • As a base for cakes, desserts or fillings.

There is no need to drain it during the preparation of dishes.