Sheep’s milk curd cheese is only slightly stronger than cow’s milk curd cheese due to somewhat more piquant sheep’s milk with a higher fat content. Its recognisable aromatic scent and the flavour of sheep’s milk is very pleasant and not in the least obtrusive. It leaves a buttery and delicately sweet finish in the mouth, a finish that lingers on and leaves you craving for more.

Its texture is very tender and creamy though somewhat grainier than cow’s milk curd cheese.


  • Stronger than cow’s milk curd cheese, recognisable aromatic scent
  • Very delicate and creamy, somewhat grainier than cow’s milk curd cheese

Best enjoyed

  • As a meal on its own or served on bread
  • As a base for cakes, desserts or fillings.
  • Best paired with Vina Laguna Merlot

It is light, with barely discernible fat content, and thus ideal as a meal on its own. An excellent companion to various dishes, be it appetisers or desserts, due to its neutrality. Yet, it properly comes to the forefront when used in salty combinations, in vegetable, meat and prawn dishes.