Istrian Sheep’s Milk Cheese Špin belongs to the group of hard full-fat cheeses with slightly more intense flavour than cow’s milk cheese. Yet the standard piquancy of sheep’s milk is aptly tamed to preserve the milky and mild flavour, so that it also belongs among children’s favourites. Its first mouth feel is sharp, which reveals its true character of a completely natural product of Istrian pastures. The middle part unveils the predominant sheep’s milk aroma, with notes of fresh grass and aromatic herbs emerging towards the rind. A more experienced taster will find a subtle hint of sage and thyme scents.

The intoxicating and thrilling abundance of Istrian pastures lingers on in the aftertaste and leaves you craving for more. Sheep’s milk cheese texture is crisper than cow’s milk cheese, so that it does not turn creamy in the mouth but keeps its granular appearance, which endows it with a quaint and rustic note.


  • Hard full-fat cheese with crisp grainy texture
  • A more intense flavour with a hint of fresh grass and aromatic herbs

Best enjoyed

  • As a meal on its own
  • Pairs well with piquant jam and honey
  • With Istrian Vina Laguna Merlot or Borgonja

Ideally suited to chilli pepper jam or honey. Sheep’s milk cheese requires rustic red wines, and it is ideally suited to Vina Laguna Merlot or Borgonja.