Istrian Truffle Cheese weds two important Istrian traditions – cheese production and truffle hunting. Made from milk and truffles from Istria with the same technology used in making Istrian cow’s milk cheese and flavoured with black truffles (1%) and truffle-scented olive oil, this cheese is aged carefully.

The straw-yellow rind interspersed with specs of black truffle and its hard texture allow easy cutting. Its flavour and aroma are typical of cow’s milk and truffle.

The interior has a soft and elastic texture, with contours of aged cheese towards the rind that are slightly crisper and buttery. It is a full-fat and rich cheese endowed with the character of sheep’s and cow’s milk, a bit on the sweet side. Easily melts in the mouth. In nose, the pungent aroma of His Majesty The Truffle occupies centre stage.

Istrian cow’s milk cheese with truffles in beeswax won a gold medal in the best beeswax cheese category at the prestigious international Global Cheese Awards.


  • Semi-hard full-fat cheese, melts in the mouth
  • Grated black truffle and truffle flavoured olive oil

Best enjoyed

  • Cut in thick pieces to full relish its texture
  • Best served as an appetiser, at room temperature, with firm-crusted bread, olive oil and honey
  • A happy addition to polenta, gnocchi, risotto and pasta with prosciutto
  • A brilliant combination with Vina Laguna Festigia Malvasia

Truffle cheese is ideally cut in thicker slices to better enjoy its rich texture. Best served as an appetiser at room temperature with thick-crusted bread like ciabatta, olive oil and honey. As with all other cheeses, it should be allowed to sit and release its aroma. Any leftover cheese should immediately be wrapped in a transparent wrap and refrigerated to preserve its sumptuous flavours. This cheese is excellent when enjoyed in dishes like polenta, gnocchi or pasta with prosciutto.